To Be Honest

When I was younger I felt couped up in my family's tiny little apartment for years. I loved school maybe because it was the only time I was really allowed to get out, seeing as how Oakland was a dangerous neighborhood. I don't feel any resentment towards my past living situation because we did what we could, but I think it's the direct cause of this wanderlust.

I want to go everywhere. I feel like I understand that there is so much of the world I will never know, but I still want to learn everything. Greece is coming soon, and while I'm dying with excitement, I'm also not sure how I'll feel putting my home life on hold. I know it's not forever... less than a month will probably go buy faster than I want it to. But I'm thinking of my family, of my love, and my responsibilities.

We're lucky, having the internet and phones and these seemingly instant ways to communicate with one another though we are thousands of miles apart. But we'll still be thousands of miles apart, and I know my heart will know the difference. I'm getting ready, I'm excited, but tonight I'm also scared.
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