30 days

{photo thanks to feaverish}

i can't really believe that i have one week of classes, then finals week, and then i'm no longer a sophomore. that is slightly ridiculous to me.

anyways, going back to more travel related things... i leave in 30 days. flying out june 29th and flying back august 21st. i can't believe i'm spending most of my summer in countries that i've been dreaming of for years.

i want to send postcards everywhere i go, to everyone i love. and paste some in my travel journal. i want to bring back tons of souvenirs for everyone, but i'm not sure that my single form of luggage (my backpack) will hold everything.

i guess i'll have to wait until i'm in germany and about to fly home. i can hardly imagine june 29th coming.. let alone coming back in august.

a lot of emotions and feelings are going into this summer.

oh! my ACL is still torn.. but i can walk better and my MRI is this thursday (which will probably just confirm that i need surgery which i'll postpone to next summer). but it hurts less, which is a plus... oh softball, what i sacrifice for thee.

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