list of happiness

i've been inspired to write this list because of this lovely blog, but decided to extend it a little because.. well i just couldn't resist.

1. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
2. stationary and writing letters
3. tulips and tea parties
4. the sound of my mother's sewing machine
5. finding the right words
6. being speechless
7. cooking with david
8. "dancing in the moonlight" - the song and the action
9. fall foliage
10. old couples holding hands
11. being in love
12. greek
13. jim and pam on the office
14. remembering how much my family loves me
15. and how much i love them
16. baking
17. perfectly imperfect photographs
18. being organized
19. allowing myself to be unorganized
20. the oakland a's
21. swings
22. chai tea lattes
23. rain[e]
24. getting things done
25. the fact that david's arms feel like home
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