slightly unrelated

but, i want to post again and this is the closest news related to travel that i have. for the classes i'm taking abroad, i needed to buy a few books, one being a reader which is only available at one store.. in los angeles.

i'm currently in santa cruz.

well after telling me it was not available to purchase over the phone, the bookstore told me i needed to fill out an online form. the form they sent, that i filled out and sent back, "was not the full application." also, not that i really want to get into this or anything, but their idea of sounding sophisticated and professional only leads to confusing and non-English.

on the brighter(?) side of things, i finished two finals today... although i don't think i did very well. i have an italian final tomorrow, a greek final on wednesday, and 2 papers to finish before friday. this is probably the most hectic finals week i've ever had.

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