Kerstin in München

I still don't have any photos to put up because my computer still isn't connected to the internet, but I just uploaded 854 photos from my camera onto my hard drive.

When my UCLA program ended in Greece I thought that I was going to be taking a ferry from Greece to Southern Italy, then a train up to Munich. Then I found out that I couldn't purchase a ticket online, so I was in crisis mode because I had 4 days to figure out how to get to Munich. I was going to just fly and then stay in hostels there, but I couldn't figure out the German websites and they all seemed to be filled. Then I remembered the Athens hostel I stayed at before the program started and walked over there to see if there was still room, but there was none.

On my walk of dejection back to the hotel I suddenly remembered that I had a friend that may or not be in Munich, but that she studied there for a year. I knew it was highly unlikely that she was still there or if she would respond to my message at such late notice, but I messaged Kerstin and within 10 minutes she responded back letting me know that yes, she was in Munich, and yes, I could stay with her on her dorm couch.

So I flew to Munich the next morning and met up with her off the S-bahn and even though everything planned turned out to be a nightmare, I think that everything with Munich and Kerstin was nothing short of a miracle. She and I had 6th grade together so we hadn't really seen each other for 8 years, minus one breakfast together. These past few days with her and her boyfriend, Imad, have been wonderful and I'm really glad everything worked out.

Munich has been lovely and I hope to spend more time here in the future, but I'm excited to fly back home tomorrow :)