Nauplion Night Life

Okay I’m terrible at posting. I want to write everyday, but posting pictures is a hassle so I never post because I want to post with pictures. As of now, I’m very behind at uploading my photos.

Today we went to Aegena, which is an island off of Athens. We went to see the Temple of Aphaia which only took about half an hour, and then we spent the rest of the time exploring town and going to the beach. A few of the girls were hungry so they went to eat, but Kacy, Chris and I tried to find the beach. We eventually ran into other people who cliff jumping and we jumped off! I was scary looking down but cool once you did it.

Our friend Jamel paddled by on his kayak, got tipped over and I got on the kayak and was pushed around like a princess (hahahah). Eventually, everyone but Chris and Jamel left and we hung out for a little until we decided to go eat. We met up, ate, then took a hydrofoil back to Athens.

I will post these pictures soon… I’m actually planning to stay up all night since we have a 6-8 hour bus ride tomorrow where I can just sleep.

But for now, here are some photos back from Nauplion. Since Nauplion, we’ve been to Sparta, Olympia, Delphi and back here to Athens.. so I’m really sorry for lagging so bad. These photos are from the nightlife out on the strip- mostly of my new friends here while playing with my night-photo skills.

Justine, "So why aren't you dancing."

Chris, "I don't dance."


The bar


An.. "older" couple...


Kacy before she hit her head on the strobe light hahaha


Chris and his delicious Amstel.


Justine being adorable.




Empty glasses


Kacy being adorable.


A boat on the dock

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