Catching Up (Nauplion)



i think that one of the reasons nauplion was my favorite city was because it was my first look at greece without athens. we were at a port, it wasn't dirty, and it was beautiful just being there.


that being said, one of the first things the girls and i saw when

we went exploring was this gigantic ship.


walking down a little further,

i guess this might be their "boardwalk"


dozens of cute little ships docked alongside


beautiful, clear, blue water


one night, my friend chris and i decided to explore the town and get away from the drunkies for a little while. the first thing we went to was this carnival. we went on the ride that i'm pictured with.. and we were the only two people (besides workers) there. i picked this ride, which was actually really fun.


chris picked this game,

which we both sucked at.


our second day there, hadley and i decided to rent bikes and ride around the city. well, originally we wanted vespa's but we didn't have international licenses so we just got bikes.


biking out onto the pier


we found a cute little playground


we biked along most of the city, i think, and decided to see how far we could go past the boardwalk. when we explored, we found this cliff-side path and got to ride next to the ocean.

i guess this post is mostly pictures.. i don't have a lot of stories to tell but nauplion was the most beautiful city to me. while we were here our class took a field trip to the mycenae and epidauros ruins (which i might post later), but for the mean time, i'm just going to try to post at all since i'm sucking at it so much.

i already uploaded photos from one night out in nauplion where i tested my night photography, so i guess my next update will be... SPARTA. (<- lame attempt at emphasizing sparta, even though it wasn't a very interesting city..)

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