i've been pretty terrible at posting things from my trip in greece. last week was really stressful- moving my house, taking days off work to watch my niece, finishing two papers that i should have written earlier this month.. luckily those things are done now, for the most part.

i'm currently in windsor, with david and kyle and melanie. we came last year and this may become an "end of summer vacation" tradition for us. they charge a buttload for internet, but i guess david's mom paid for some while she was here a few months ago; but now i can only use the internet on david's computer. aka... i can't post any photos to catch up writing about greece.

i did bring supplies to scrapbook, but of course i don't have pictures printed, and i can't order prints online because i can't upload them from my computer. i think i may end up scrapbooking in bed after i get my ACL surgery on the 8th.

there isn't much to do here, which is maybe why people come. we've been hanging out and playing games. i think david and kyle are going to go fishing sometime. and, just because i hate posting without photos, here is one of the timeshare we're at that i found on the internet.

please don't sue me.

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