well i got surgery on tuesday, and have a ton of restrictions now. i'm supposed to ice my knee for 20 minutes every 2-3 hours, and i'm supposed to spend a total of 4-6 hours on a cpm machine (i put my leg on it and it moves my leg for me to keep my range of motion). i also get to wear an enormous brace.

since then i've been pretty bed ridden, i spend my time playing this game and watching this show. it's kind of nice watching a season from the beginning and getting to watch it all in order without weeks in between. my sister has been a lot of help and my family has been really sweet. i'm mostly amazed and really grateful to have david help me so much. he's taken half-days at work all week and getting off early to keep me company, and he drove me to my post-op surgery this morning. he helps me get food, sets my equipment up to do my knee exercises and keeps me company in my lonesome.

i feel exactly like piglet.

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