Running Away

{via papertissue}

this weekend i left school on thursday night and came to santa cruz for the weekend. i was going to go see paramore play friday night, but the concert was postponed because the lead singer has laryngitis.

i feel like i had a ton of time to get stuff done, but no motivation to actually do it. i don't know where the weekend went. i'm trying to play catch up now, but i still need to drive back to school.

whenever i leave santa cruz i always get this weird, uncomfortable sadness. it happened all the time when i was a freshmen. i thought that now, since circumstances are different, it might not be the same, but i still feel it. it brought me to tears before and i'm hoping it doesn't do the same now.

i feel like i need to get away from whatever this is that's tugging at me, and i need to get my shit together.