{via biffalicious}

i find that i compare myself to others

more than i would like.

it's a difficult way to live.

this photo reminds me of a ferris wheel.

for some reason i have never been on one,

but i imagine the anticipation to get to the top,

and the breathlessness of plunging back down

and i wonder if life cycles that way.

coming back down is not necessarily a bad thing,

just a way to return to where you've started

and see how far you've gone.

right now i'm trying to come to terms

with what i want, and what i hope to do with this life.

it seems like there are so many possibilities,

choosing one thing feels like settling.

i'm hoping to find the one thing i want,

where i know i'm meant to be doing

what i've waited for all this time.

i think i know what that might be.

(ps- i know the photo shows up spliced in half

but i think it's beautiful that way)

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