favorite movie scenes

lately i've been feeling a lack of motivation, a little,
when it comes to school and today started to think about
things that i inexplicably love.

that genre of things, however, is a little too broad,
so i thought today i'd narrow it down a lot and post my
three favorite movie clips:

pride and prejudice (2005)

well, my favorite scene from this movie is actually when
darcy helps elizabeth into the carriage and upon hand contact
there's an immediate connection between the two-
and as darcy walks back you get this shot of his hand that shows
he just felt something electric.

but.. i couldn't find that on youtube :(
but this ending scene is a close second for me.
especially that they agree that they are both
"perfectly and incandescently happy"

breakfast at tiffany's (1961)

this movie is one of my favorites.. if not my absolute favorite ;)
after the whole movie, though, i think that the greatest scene is
when paul finds holly singing "moon river" in the fire escape.
this whole clip is so beautiful to me.

beauty and the beast (1991)

although this isn't my favorite movie,
this IS my favorite moment in all of cinema.
maybe it's stemmed in my love of books and classic things
(or just plain nerdiness?)
but when beast surprises belle with the library,
and i see the shots at 1:03 and 1:05
i just swoon.
it makes me really regret not seeing this in imax.

what are your favorite movie scenes?
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