friday five


13 days until europe!

i'm flying out on new year's eve and am

slightly anxious, slightly terrified, slightly ready.

i'm going to meet this darling girl in rome

and from there we're going to head up to florence where

we'll be for the next 3 months!

and two nights ago david and i just booked

3 nights in paris

for our adventures together in late march/ early april

i can't believe this is actually happening.

{via Giampaolo Macorig}



a few days ago i saw this beautiful photo from johanna at whirly bird

(she has a wonderful blog!)

so i thought i'd give it a try...


my lens aperture doesn't go low enough

(which i found out after johanna & kurt kindly gave me tips)

but i did get this photo when i experimented

with the city lights from my porch.

i couldn't get the hearts that i wanted

so i sort of forced my aperture to give me hearts

and they came out upside down..

and i kind of like it (:


i would like to introduce you to my dear friend



as you can see, she's not part of the blogger community

but she has an

amazing tumblr

and she always finds the most beautiful things.

and, she's in love with


beauty and the beast

" & "

breakfast at tiffany's


just like i am

so she always posts GREAT photos from those two movies

love her <3



yesterday i babysat my other niece, raiza.

she is adorable.

and she is extra cute when

her sister,


, is trying to take care of her.



i'm headed to windsor for the weekend

with david and his parents

a vacation within a vacation?

it feels weird not being in school

and having no stress

but i think i can get used to it :)

7 days 'til Christmas!!!