on my mind

it's been raining pretty much nonstop here, so i've been kind of afraid to take out my camera for pictures while i walk around in the city. i think i'm getting a better idea of where things are in the city (it's not supposed to be difficult, because this city is tiny). so, while i can't post pictures, here are some thoughts so far:

1. i'm really enjoying this multi-course meal business.

2. my host mother is danish, but she's been living here for more than 30 years and she's fluent in italian. she also makes delicious food (italian and danish!) and gives me the best tea for breakfast.

3. hot chocolate (cioccolata calda) here is insane- in the good way. it's so rich and filling. none of that watery stuff back home.

4. i bought a panino today for 2 euro. and it was huge and delicious.

5. yesterday i bought an entire pizza for 4 euro.

6. yesterday i stumbled upon the duomo (brunelleschi's dome) without realizing i was heading toward it. it is.. amazing. i hope i can take pictures (without rain) soon.

7. there is a fresco on my ceiling that is several centuries old.

8. thank goodness i brought boots.

9. i found my way home today without a map (go me!)

10. i also purchased a cell phone in italian today.

11. as much as i love it here, i miss home (though not in the painful, sad way). especially when my sister told me that my niece was on her pretend princess telephone saying,

"hi ate es. hi uncle david. wata dooeng. she in far far away airport?"

and especially when i saw that my sister snuck this in my italian dictionary before i left:


i love you, family. i'll be home soon.

(ps - raine calles me "ate es" (ate pronounced ah-teh, for respect towards older women) because when she first started talking she couldn't pronounce "celeste," just "es"). as far as i'm concerned, little kids don't get any cuter.