if you never did, you should

{this post is dedicated to jodi's "if you never did" photo contest. she has a blog full of adventures and for this contest, you share a photo of your favorite adventure and a story/explanation of it.}

i posted this string of photos back in july, during my summer study abroad trip to greece. after being stuck in busy athens for several days, we took a hydrofoil to the island of aegina. we gazed at the temple of aphaia that was somehow still there, and then we had time to ourselves to explore the island.

that's when we found the perfect spot to jump in. the only thing was.. it was sort of a long way down. even though i'm a terrible swimmer, i've never been one to shy away from heights. after letting a few friends jump in before me, i was ready. so ready. it was only at the very moment that i lined my toes up with the edge of the cliff that the butterflies started.

but i jumped.

and it seemed like forever before i hit the water but when i did, it was

warm and glorious.

and this is how i'll always remember greece.

sure, it's an ancient land with arguably the oldest civilization: temples and philosophers and art.

but it's also just a sample of nature's finest. it's the clearest blue water you've ever seen. it's the refreshing ocean in the heat of warm sun. it's the saltiest water you've ever tasted- so much salt that you can just float and bask and think, "

am i really here?

" and just like the moment where my toes and that cliff aligned, it still gives me butterflies.

cliff jumping


"if you never did, you should. these things are fun and fun is good." -dr. seuss

{ps - i know that your contest only calls for one photo, so if you'd prefer just one, i'd like to submit the 4th photo. especially since the little green kayak and the little black dot next to it are friends i made while in greece: jamil and chris (: }