after my almost 6 hour train ride through the most beautiful and breath-taking countryside, i am finally here! my updates for the next few days may be infrequent because there is no internet in our hotel :( but here is a small list of observations so far:
  • french keyboards are hard to type on :(
  • all european metros are pretty much the same.
    paris = munich = rome = athens
  • french trains/trams play elaborate music before they announce the next stop- its pretty cute
  • french pasticcerias = win. also, i am sorry that i dont know how to say pasticceria in french, just italian.
  • i am glad that i can read french signs and understand them based off of my italian experience... it makes me feel less alien.
  • i wish i could speak french SO BADLY, even just a quarter's worthso that i could communicate better
  • i think i've seen maybe 372,387,663 people carrying baguettes. this is only a slight exaggeration.
  • i also saw a little girl who was maybe 5 years old, walk into a bakery, wait in line, then order a baguette all by herself even though she could bearly see over the counter (:
    and lastly...
  • FRENCH PEOPLE ARE SO NICE. everyone that i've (tried) to speak to for directions or help has been so sweet. i love it.

david wont be here for another 3 hours and 30 mins...
in the mean time, i've been wandering the neighborhood and seeing whats around (i'm in the montmartre district just a few blocks away from the sacré coeur, but i've resisting seeing any main sights because i want to experience with david).

i can't believe that i'm here! i hope everyone's week has started off wonderfully (:

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