this quarter i worked for my school program here in florence

and was the editor of graphic design and photography

for our quarterly


(literally "on the Arno")

it's a student written journal

about events and culture in florence

it was hard to get started at the beginning of the quarter

because i had no idea how to use InDesign

and nothing had happened yet to put into our journal

but as february ended

everything started PILING up and

soon ale (head editor) and i were SWAMPED

during the first week of march

we probably spent 20 hours in the computer lab working on this

and finally FINALLY we finished

and i'm proud.

here are some of the pages that i designed

and took most of the photos for

(unfortunately it's ALL in italian...)


our introductions page

here we asked everyone a few questions

and i'll translate mine for you


english literature and classics

where are you from:

san francisco, ca

favorite gelato flavor:

stracciatella or mango, but not together

best thing eaten here:

tiramisu mascarpone that i made

with my host mom and any type of filled pasta

fosca (student advisor) was right when she said:

get lost in the city

favorite italian phrases:

"dimmi" (talk to me)

and "luna di miele" (moon of honey, for honeymoon (:)


events from this winter in florence including:

the opera

fiorentina v. milan soccer game

traditional donor sponsored dinner

carmen consoli concert (LOVE)


our program trip to rome (:


a page about carnevale

one of the best things about winter in italy

(other than no tourists, of course)


our last page that alessandra drew

of her and the david

it says "don't give me that look"

anyway... there ended up being 26 pages

and i guess this journal isn't a big deal

but i put a lot of work into this and am pretty proud

so i just wanted to share it with you (: