the hills are allliiiivvveeeee


now.. the REAL reason for going to salzbug:

when i was 6 years old

my eldest sister, marelene, let me borrow her walkman

and her cassette of the sound of music soundtrack.

i listened to it on repeat.

when i finally watched the movie,

i already knew all of the words to the songs.

when i turned sixteen, i was ecstatic that i could finally sing that

i was "sixteen going on seventeen."

i was especially ecstatic when david turned 17 a month before me,

so that i could sing "you are seventeen going on eighteen"

and have the entire song be true to our ages.

now that i am 20 going on 21,

i still love the movie.

so when david and i were planning out our adventure route,

i asked to go to salzburg to fulfill my sound of music movie dreams :)

when we got there i wanted to do the sound of music tour,

but it was 38 euro per person,

and i didn't think it would be fair to make david listen

to the soundtrack on repeat on the bus

so i looked up the sites and found them on my own:

the mirabell gardens,

where maria and the kids sing "do a deer"

the above fountain can be seen


and the plant arch thing is where they ride their bikes through :)

this is where maria and the kids stand during the same song,

as seen on the second photo of this blog post.

after running through the streets of salzburg from the abbey

to the von trapp mansion,

maria dances and sings along this house's walls

as seen briefly

here, with some help

(watch it, it's funny)

there's a scene towards the end where the nazis are looking for the family

and the nuns hide the family in a cemetary.

that was filmed in hollywood...

but some tour guides say that it was filmed here.

nonnberg abbey

after maria leaves, the children go to the

abbey to try to find her.

gretl says, "we're looking for fräulein maria"

to the nun at this gate

i wanted to be liesl so badly!

so i was excited to twirl around in this

and sing "i am sixteen going on seventeen"

but it was locked :(

and i think it's just an imitation...

but it was still so cool to see!

hopefully i'll be able to go back with my family in the future :)