well.. i FINALLY have internet, now that i'm all settled in for the next few months in oxford.
but before i write about all of the beautiful things here, i should finish writing about the end of my trip with david. from frankfurt we took a train to salzburg, via munich.

these photos are sort of in backwards order,
but i like how they turned out.

i love salzburg.

sunshine at the park, schloß hellbrunn

with the "panoramic view" of the city center

noming on a yummy cinnamon and sugar pretzel

st. peter's catacombs

the alps!

nonnberg abbey

church that i forgot the name to :(
*edit: salzburg cathedral
(thank you, antonia!)

there were a ton of horse-drawn carriages in the streets

griesgrasse and all of the shops' signs

mirabell gardens and fountains
we love ducks, sunshine, and parks
(and austria)
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