birthday season

late april and early may is birthday season in my family. my birthday is april 26th, marelene's is may 1st, and nina's is may 6th (today!) i know that this blog is just little thoughts and photos from my travels, and that it doesn't mean a lot in the scope of life, but this post is for my sisters who mean the world to me. they have influenced my life in the best ways possible and i'm so thankful to have them in my life.

*(this is the only photo i could find of just the three of us... it's from 2008. sisters, i think we need to fix that)

marelene on her wedding day in 2008. i love this picture of her (and her, of course)

nina at a farm/pumpkin patch in half moon bay last august. one of my favorites of her (so far).

ok, to explain something really quick: in filipino culture, you call your older sister or older girl cousin "ate" (pronounced ah-teh). so my sisters are my ates- i don't think i've ever called them "marelene" or "nina" so referring to them that way on here was really weird.

happy birthday ates!
i love you.

ps- they are so beautiful. good thing they're passing it along to their babies (:

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