castell caerdydd (cardiff castle)

from the welsh museum of life,
we stopped in cardiff for the night.
cardiff used to be one of the busiest and wealthiest cities
when coal was used a lot, but today it's a calm city.
up above are "lovespoons,"
which are carved and given to couples as engagement or wedding presents.
the designs in the handles all represent different things.
during our short stay in cardiff,

i went on a tour of cardiff castle:

ceiling of the gentlemen's room

arab room

large banquet/dining hall

wall paintings in kids' rooms

family dining hall

our tour guide is explaining that the hole

in the middle of the table was used to put a large

grape vine into the middle of the table

so that the family could have fresh grapes (:

up on the castle ceiling- pompeii inspired


the fortress

old cardiff castle with the new millennium centre

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