a little update and things missed

i have spent considerably less time traveling here in oxford than i did when i was in florence. it was just so much more convenient with the italian train system and i feel like everything here in england is just so much more expensive. lately i've just been trying to get things done since i have so much more work but it's hard to stay focused.

originally, i was only going to be in europe until july 7th, so that i could visit david in potsdam after my term at oxford. i decided to enroll in a 3 week summer latin program in bologna so now i won't be home until july 24th. i'm happy to be going back to italy but i'm also a little sad that i have to wait even longer to be home.

these are things i miss/ want to do once i get back:

1. play with my nieces and nephews
2. eat my mom's cooking
3. eat a burrito
4. eat sushi
5. eat a cheeseburger from in 'n out
6. drive my car
7. give everyone their presents
8. use dollars!
9. watch the food network
10. simply be home with everyone that i love

dorothy was right. there's no place like home.

{image via the cherry blossom girl}

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