by the time we got to bath, we had already been to both stonehenge and salisbury. needless to say, we were a little tired and wanted a break from being tourists. instead of rushing every which way to do as much as we could, we walked through the streets slowly and took our time. we went to a famous tea shop called sally lunn's, which is the oldest tea house in bath. they are also famous for their "bath buns," which are kind of like hambuger buns... except much sweeter, gigantic, and accompanied by jam and clotted cream. for some reason, i don't have a close up photo of the buns, which i highly regret. what was i thinking? the buns and tea were delicious.

we spent A LOT of time at sally lunn's, so with the hour or so we had left we headed to the jane austen centre. we didn't pay to go through the "museum," but we spent a lot of time in the gift shop (where i bough a few things...). i wish we had had more time to spend in bath, but hopefully i'll be able to go back again in the future. the last photo here is of anna, stephanie, chelsey and me while we waited for the others to get back. i mostly chose to post it because the pigeon in it is hilarious.