paluto seafood market

the paluto seafood market is a cluster of (air conditioned!!!) restaurants that you go into, and then go through the back of to the wet market behind it to pick out the seafood you want to eat. everything is so fresh. instead of eating fish that has been traveling around and sitting in the supermarket freezer for who knows how long, you get to choose from this (in the clam picture, you can see water that a clam was squirting).

anyway... after you pick what you want, you go back to the restaurant and they cook it for you. and give you rice and a banana leaf plate. and fresh coconut to drink out of. and chopped mango and red onions as a garnish. basically... this was the best seafood i've ever had.

daniel's face in the last photo is the best expression of how we felt after seconds (and thirds...) so much good food that sometimes it was overwhelming. but not enough to stop eating.