now that i've finished my oxford tutorial, i am trying to catch up posting about the little trips i was able to take while here in england. i didn't really know what to expect going to stonehenge, but when i got there, i found that that's really the best way to go about it. it's really cool to see these strange formations, but at the same time, the site is literally in the middle of no where. you get to walk around it, and in an adjacent field there are a lot of sheep hahaha. there are also a lot of fields and freeways around it, but i suppose this is why it's still in such good condition! luckily this brief visit wasn't our only trip for the day and we were able to head over to steak and shower*, too.

*{steak and shower are hints for the next places i'm going to talk about... i didn't want to say the city names right away, so this is what happened... can you guess what they are? and don't worry, i know i have bad jokes, i won't be offended...}

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