getting home was quite the adventure- a four hour layover in munich turning into 6.5 when our plane was delayed and then the other 11.5 hour flight just to get to san francisco. but 206 days and 12 countries later i am finally here.

within the first 24 hours i have eaten my mom's cooking, seen my two adorable nieces, watched eclipse (finallly!), eaten a burrito and gotten a new phone (which i dropped within the first 3 hours of owning.. fail, i know). i have a lot of photos from the last few days in europe, but they're all on david's camera so those will come soon enough.

being the procrastinating person that i am, i still have photos that i never posted from bologna, berlin, potsdam, and a few other cities so hopefully i'll get those up with this new-found free time and non-moving life i've returned to.

oh, and that's just a photo of a burrito because 7 months without one is almost like torture for a california girl.

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