the cheesecake factory

the cheesecake factory
where we were
dinner with sweet potato fries!
famous cheesecake
cheesecake galore
roomies reunited
union square glowing

this weekend was full of really yummy dinners. on saturday night david and i went to have a nice dinner in berkeley with his aunt. the night before that, i reunited with my roommates from uc santa cruz and we went to the cheesecake factory.

the cheesecake factory that we went to was the one atop the macy's in san francisco with a view of union square. it was a perfect san francisco night- meaning overcast and lightly sprinkling- but despite the cold it was wonderful to catch up with good friends again. i suppose the only downside to visiting a restaurant with at least 30 varieties of its trademark is the fact that i don't like cheeescake. yes, i might be the only person in the world.

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