my own little shop

mirabell garden archway

as i was decorating my room last year with some of my photos from greece, i thought that it would be nice to one day open a little shop where i could share and sell prints of my favorite things while traveling. one year later, post-greece and post-7 months abroad, my little dream is coming true.

i'd like to introduce you to my etsy shop of travel photography!

these images are some of my most prized possessions and i hold them very dear to my heart. right now i have 9 images in the shop, but in the near future i'm hoping to sell sets of photos from different regions that i've visited (tuscany, paris, etc.).

in honor of my shop's opening, i'm offering an extra print (of the same, or another photo) for free to every customer for the next two weeks.

if there's a photo on the blog but not in the shop that you'd like, just let me know and i can print that up for you as well. thanks for all of your support and happy weekend!

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