an unconventional beach trip

our feet

for the past few days, there has been an unusual heatwave here in the bay area. although other areas often get hot, the peninsula (where i live) hardly ever does. so what does everyone do during a heatwave? go to the beach, course. the only problem is that david and i hate the beach.

ok, so maybe hate isn't the right word. but after a while sand loses its appeal when you find it EVERYWHERE. on top of that, northern california beaches are frigid. (i didn't realize that swimming in the ocean could be warm until i was in greece last summer). so, instead of sitting in the sand and baking in the sun, we kept our shoes on and took a little walk along a trail that overlooks the area. it was lovely. the breeze, bench, and beach (at a distance) were perfect.

how we started
by the rocks
almost cotton
bench relaxing
linda mar
the view from here
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