Earlier this evening I decided to finally make a travel index to group each city I've visited by country. Although this was an embarrassingly long process, it's done and I'm quite proud. However, this index now highlights my laziness because it now shows everywhere I've visited abroad- including places I kinda sorta forgot to blog about. So to begin the catch-up series, this is Clivedon, England:

tulip heaven
this used to be the stanford study abroad house....
i liked this wall
the view from the house

In May, our program took a trip to Clivedon because its grounds used to host the Stanford in Britain program prior to 1982. Seriously? The gardens are massive- The building in the fourth picture is where the students slept and had their classes... and now it's a 5 star hotel. As much as I loved Oxford, it would have been so cool to have lived in this mansion/manner/monstrosity of a residence for a few months! It would have been like living in Pemberley.

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