son of a witch

I will admit that my goal to read more this summer hasn't been met with the same fervor that I'd hoped for, but I finally did finish reading Son of a Witch and I can't say enough good things about Gregory Maguire. This book is the sequel to Wicked, a book that I picked up as soon as I finished watching the musical it inspired in San Francisco.

For those of you who haven't read the original novel, I will say that the book is different than the musical. Both are the story of Elphaba Thropp, the Wicked Witch of the West, but the musical and novel approach her story differently. Anyway, Son of a Witch is exceptionally written. I literally finished it this morning and immediately went to the library to get the third volume of the series!

Also, sorry this is really vague and doesn't tell you much about the story itself. I, myself, hate to know even the general plot of things before I read them, so this is more of a suggestion to read with my guarantee that it will be good and worth your time. Happy September!

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