playing melodies

After mentioning my belated birthday ukulele in my lunch date post, a few people asked to see some photos of it. I might take more detailed photos later on, but for now I just have this photo to share. When I began my freshmen year at Stanford, I had a hard time adjusting and some how began to think that playing the guitar would make things better. I'm terrible at guitar. The frets hurt my fingers and I can never stick with it (I've tried, many times). My neighbor at the time, Adam, also had a ukulele, which I began to play with and soon fell in love with. I taught myself my own version of "Moon River" (a la Holly Golightly) and it was a constant source of joy.

Since then I've always wanted one, but could never commit to buying one. So, David finally made the decision for me when he planned to get one for me for my birthday. And now, I have this little concert sized, stringed mahogany, glossy piece of joy. Maybe in the future I'll post one of the songs I've been learning... but probably in the distant future.

PS - This photo is a corner of my bedroom. If you'd like to see other photos of my apartment, check out the Stanford Daily here. My friend, Sam, just wrote an article on our building for the school paper and used my photos :)

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