62 years

the cake

On Saturday, I went to David's house to celebrate his grandparents' 62nd anniversary. David's mom made a gigantic, five-course meal in honor of the occasion. I don't usually take photos at David's family events, but I thought that sharing an example of a successful marriage would brighten anyone's day. 62 years. I can hardly imagine. But, it must be so wonderful to have someone to share your life with like that. My favorite part of the night was when Ray sneaked off into the living room to find something in his wallet. A few minutes later he came back to show us a photo of Lorraine* that was taken just after she graduated from high school. He's kept it in his wallet ever since.

I'm wishing them many more years of love and happiness.

ray and lorraine for their 62nd anniversary

*I was too shy to ask to take a picture of the photo, but it was amazing to see her at such a young age.

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