apartment-warming tea party

mini cupcakes galore
we were ready for a lot of visitors
tea sandwiches and mini cupcakes
cucumber sandwiches, fresh strawberries and scones
love these girls
our martha stewart lanterns

Most all of the weekend's excitement was yesterday, when my roommates and I spent the day prepping and hosting our apartment-warming tea party. Other than this disaster, everything went really smoothly even though at 3:45 we were scrambling to get everything on the table (and the party started at 3:30). Jenna made the best tea sandwiches- cucumber and dill, egg salad and arugula on rye, and smoked salmon with herb butter. Anna made the greatest pumpkin spice cake with honey cream cheese frosting. Sarah found and chopped up the freshest, reddest strawberries. And I baked cinnamon scones and mini chocolate banana cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Oh yeah, and we had tea galore.

I wouldn't be surprised if this week's subsequent posts were dedicated to individual items served at the tea party, or even a "how to throw your own tea party" post. (Would anyone be interested?) I just love tea parties so much. See here and here.

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