ephesus revisited

the library of celsus
the main city road
ancient details
left standing
the theater where paul from the bible spoke.. and where enrique iglesias sang

Ephesus. To be honest, before I visited last summer I wasn't sure if it was a place that still existed. The most I knew was what I'd read about it in the Bible, with Paul's letters to the Ephesians. Although I had been to other sites, Ephesus (tied with Delphi) was my favorite because it was actually like walking through the ancient city. You could see the main street along the market place, board games that sellers would play to pass time, the library-- even the bathrooms. And even though everything left is just a fraction of what used to be there, it just felt so real.

Also, funny stories about the last photo: This is the great theater where Paul of the Apostle spoke to the Ephesians. About 1900 years later, Enrique Iglesias performed here for the excavation site's first fundraising concert. And, our tour guide took a girl on their first date to that Enrique concert nine years ago. Today, she's his wife.

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