in the mail

my P.O. Box... *hint hint* ;)

A couple of weeks ago, Rhianne had a few giveaways in honor of her birthday and I was delighted to find out that I won a print from Courtney Oquist's shop! Seriously, where has all of this blog luck come from? It was really difficult deciding which I loved the most and I vacillated between "The Perfect Landscape" and the "I Heart You" prints. In the end, the trees in the landscape print won me over but when I opened my package yesterday, Courtney included a postcard of "I Heart You"!! The absolute best of both worlds.

To top it off, Courtney included a hand-written note which goes to show how kind of a person she is. I feel so thankful! Thank you so much Rhianne and Courtney!

the beautiful contents
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