my own thank you {a giveaway}


My first giveaway, but that's not what I want to call it. I want it to be a thank you. Over the past year that I've had this blog it still amazes me that there are so many kind "strangers" who just want to say hello and make your day a little brighter. It's my favorite thing about the blogging community.

So, to say thank you for the love I feel here, I'd like to send some of my own love in the form of travel photographs from my little shop. In addition to a few little Bay Area surprises, three winners will get to choose three photos or two travel sets. Or one photo and one travel set.

To enter just leave a little note with three things that make you happy by midnight Thursday, November 4th. Feel free to blog or tweet for extra entries and leave extra comments to let me know. If your email is hard to find, please leave that as well. I'm so happy to have met such loving people through my little corner of the internet-- nothing warms the heart like genuine kindness.

athens travel set
oh, to be a frog
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