[nonexistent] weekend

the sharon heights country club
a little plate of delicious
beautiful lights

These are pretty much the only photos I have from this weekend. This weekend was "Reunion Homecoming" at Stanford and I worked almost all of Friday and Saturday to help with class reunion parties. I got to meet a lot of interesting alumni- including one who taught both Obama and Michelle at Harvard, and another who helped develop a program for NASA to get a space rover on Mars for 3 months (6 1/2 years later... the rovers are still going!). These photos are from the Class of 1975's dinner party on Friday, at a beautiful country club. Although we were there for what seemed like forever, the venue was beautiful and the food was delicious (mushroom ravioli with roasted butternut squash... yum!) I have no idea what those desserts in the photo are actually called, but I'd like to rename them "heaven."

Then, this Sunday was dedicated to the upcoming week which includes a midterm, two essays, a response paper and a problem set. I already wish it was Friday. Can I have a real weekend, please?

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