stanford's oldest known living alum

with ram's head, a drama society

A few weeks ago I was getting things ready for Stanford's Homecoming Reunion when my supervisor told me that Stanford's oldest living alum was from the Class of 1932. I thought that this was pretty amazing, so I got in touch with the Stanford Daily editors and proposed a feature article about Lawrence W. Harris, Jr. '32, born July 23, 1911.

Yesterday, my interview was published. Mr. Harris is a very sweet man and even though his hearing aid gave out a few times while I spoke to him, it was a delight to get to know him. He was so involved while he was in school! I went through his yearbook, and I found all of these photos of clubs he was in. Can you imagine? When the stock market crashed, he was a sophomore in college. He lived through the Great Depression, both World Wars, the Civil Rights Movement... and so much more. He's 99 years old!* I'm still trying to wrap my head around it all.

The last photo is Mr. Harris's senior portrait from 1932. Seventy-eight years later, he's still looking back on his memories at Stanford. The funny thing is that today I have my senior portrait appointment scheduled. I wonder what I'll think of it in 78 years.

Click here if you'd like to read the interview.

*He's also been married to his wife, Jane, since 1939. So sweet.

early yell leaders
larry with the swim team
larry with the water polo team
larry's senior portrait, 1932

All photos courtesy of the Stanford Quad.

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