things to love {about tallahassee}

by Maddy, one of my first, dearest, blog friends.

maddy's feet

1. In the winter on really cold days, the sky is usually bright blue and cloudless. Coupled with the trees being bare, it really feels like up north and not Florida.
2. The best school in Florida (maybe I'm a tad biased), Florida State University, is there (I wish I had photos of the gorgeous campus)
3. Most of the streets are lined with Live Oaks, dripping with beautiful Spanish Moss
4. Perfect (and I mean perfect) Fall weather. Also, the best thunderstorms.
5. Two large (& free) doggie parks
6. Most of the houses are pre-1940's or 1950's & just so adorable.
7. It houses the largest magnet in the US at the National Mag Lab
8. It has the best yearly fair, so Southern and so magical (& filled with delicious, fried goodies)

"When I lived there from 2007 to 2 months ago, I hated it. I couldn't wait to leave. Now I have left and I miss it dearly. This list is a little nostalgia for me, and a way to share it with you all. Thanks for reading :)"

maddy's tree
maddy's carnival
maddy's sunset
maddy's forrest

How beautiful are Maddy's photos? To be honest, I never really gave Florida a lot of thought (California conceit, perhaps), but this little list really opened my eyes to how much you can discover no matter where you look. The trees, the carnival and the sunset are all so peaceful. And I can't help but obsess over how amazing the last photo is. Thanks so much for sharing, Maddy!

Tomorrow I'll be back to begin my series of tea-related things!

If you have a list of things to love about your city, feel free to send me your list with a few photos (including one of your feet!)