apartment living

pumpkin seed pesto linguine
crab quesedilla & homemade guacamole

2. crab quesedillas and fresh guacamole

little japanese desserts

3. adorable, individually packaged japanese desserts

baked cheesy pasta, with shallots and goat cheese

4. baked cheesy pasta, with shallots, goat cheese, and tapatio (from the time we had dinner without our table)

pumpkin bars

5. mini pumpkin bars

mushroom risotto

6. shitake and cremini mushroom risotto (and grilled asparagus)

mondo cupcakes

7. extra large cupcakes, with homemade chocolate ganache

Needless to say, I have been eating well. Fortunately, these are all things I've had over the past month, rather than the past week (which would not be unusual). I love my apartment. I love that all of my roommates and I enjoy cooking and baking and eating. We love the farmers' market and we love cooking with wonderful, fresh ingredients.

And we have no fear of carbs (clearly). Starving college student? What's that?

PS- Please excuse the bad lighting in a lot of the photos... our kitchen may be fully functional, but our lighting can be pretty terrible.

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