a cozy weekend

lunch with rachel thurston
downtown santa cruz
vintage shopping
cocoa + whipped cream on a rainy day
my beloved hunters
at the poet and patriot
luke's 21st birthday

This whole week feels like the weekend because I'm on Thanksgiving break. Friday felt like a dream. I got to meet Rachel Thurston, one of my favorite photographers, and help her assist a really lovely wedding in Oakland. It was wet, cold and really rainy but I can't wait to see how the photos turn out. My rain boots even made a guest appearance! It was the first time I ever got to do anything like that and it was really amazing to see Rachel work. She's just as lovely as her photos- 7 months pregnant and everything.

After the wedding I headed down to Santa Cruz (during Friday rush hour ugh) to hang out with the boys and celebrate Luke's 21st birthday. We spent Saturday afternoon wandering downtown, and managed to miss the periods of heavy rain when we stepped into Lulu's for hot cocoa and then Pizza My Heart for some big slices of pizza.

If anything, this weekend is quite the reminder that winter is just around the corner- with lots and lots of rain and lots of lots of inside time reading. Christmas music is on the radio, hot chocolate seems perfect at any given moment, and Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Now all I need to do is finish this school quarter and everything will be perfect.

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