pienza (the tiniest tuscan town)

beautiful, little pienza
street of kisses
flower boxes outside
mailboxes and happiness
una bicicletta

I've been thinking about Italy a lot lately, since my cousin is headed there tomorrow (jealous!) and I keep in touch with my host dad by emailing often (in Italian, of course). During my last few days in Italy, my language partner, Giacomo, and I drove through Tuscany to visit Montepulciano and Pienza. More on Montepulciano later, but for now, Pienza: is the quaintest little Tuscan hill town ever.

I think that Giacomo and I were able to walk from one end of the town to the other in less than 15 minutes. It's minuscule. But it's adorable. Everything has a lovely, rose tinge to it, and flower boxes hang on the walls along the houses. All of the streets are named something love-related, like "via dell'amore" (street of love) or "via del bacio" (street of kisses). I don't actually know if Pienza is the smallest town in Tuscany, but I think its smallness adds to its charm.

Clothes hang along the high walls to dry. The sun is warm and welcoming. Everything is picturesque, untouched by tourists. And along the city walls, are miles and miles of beautiful Tuscany. It's the small Italian town of my dreams.

me and giacomo!
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