pumpkin patch 2010
we got a wagon!
pumpkin happy

October was really a pumpkin-filled month. Pumpkin muffins. Pumpkin cake/bar thingies. Pumpkin everything. And I love it. On Saturday we went to a pumpkin patch and picked out some gems to carve later that day. I know most people go earlier in the month, but going on October 30th was a great idea because 1) we got 4 pumpkins for $15 and 2) all the little kids came dressed in costumes!

all the gourds/pumpkins in our apartment at one time

And somehow, throughout the course of October, we accumulated all of these squash and gourds. I can't believe it. One day I brought home that little front pumpkin from the famers' market, and all of a sudden we now have all of these. Luckily, we downsized a little by carving a few.

our little pumpkins

Along with the many highlights of the month, perhaps one of my favorites was visiting a house of art-student-made jack-o-lanterns. Every year, one studio art professor has his students carve creative pumpkins and then displays them at his house for the Palo Alto public to come visit and see. They were amazing. I only got a few photos because I didn't have a tripod... but you get the idea. And, the kind professor opened up his house to the visitors and served snacks and warm cider. It was perfect.

packman jack o lantern
owl? eagle?
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