sunday brunch baked mushroom mac and cheese

baked mac & cheese, before and after

I absolutely love this recipe. I was sort of in a furor when I was cooking and trying to get everything ready because my mom + sister + babies were coming over for Sunday brunch, but it turned out really well. Unfortunately I only have a few photos of the dish, but perhaps that's more incentive to make the rich, decadent pasta again? No, the rich, decadent pasta is reason enough on its own.

my beautiful mom and raine, head of the table
my sister and her adorable babies
raine with calvin pre-face and pre-stripes
raiza, love of my life
sunday brunch

A recipe this good, of course, isn't mine. I found it online entitled "Orgasmic Mac 'n' Cheese." The only changes I made were

1. pecorino instead of parmigiano reggiano (just because it's what we had)
2. all cremini mushrooms (3 cups) instead of half cremini/half shitake
3. I found whatever day-old bread we had for the crumbs
4. Whatever short pasta was in the pantry
5. I also may have gone a little overboard with the rosemary... it's just too perfect in this dish.
6. Enjoy with family. Especially two adorable little nieces.

Make this. You won't regret it.

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