thanksgiving art by raine

Since Thanksgiving is on the 25th this year, here are 25 things I'm thankful for:

1. big, warm blankets from brother
2. candles on birthday cake
3. sushi with friends
4. baby kisses
5. wearing my mom's clothes
6. finishing books
7. making collages
8. breakfast burritos made by david
9. my yellow coat from oxford for £5
10. butternut squash
11. pescetarian options
12. seeing my mother so beautiful
13. knowing that my sisters have found their soul mates
14. sleeping in leggings
15. reminiscing about europe
16. planning for seattle
17. hugs from raine
18. wondering about the future
19. being happy for other people
20. not caring about "holiday pounds"
21. christmas anticipation
22. last minute dates with old friends
23. visiting an old job and being introduced as a "legend"
24. knowing that on monday, my roommates and i are having thanksgiving #2
25. being so happy and content, even if only for right here, right now

Happy Thanksgiving, loves!

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