things to love {about washington, d.c.}

by Liz, one of my oldest friends (oldest time-wise, not age-wise!)

liz's feet

1. They call Washington the "Hollywood of the Intellectuals." I've been a political wonk for a long time, so it feels awesome to be surrounded by people who feel as passionate as you do.
2. Biking in a bike-friendly city. I explored most of the city on two wheels. There's no adrenaline rush like biking down Pennsylvania Avenue, where the bike lane serves as the traffic median.
3. The history. Oh goodness, the history! How much power this city holds over the rest of the world is astounding. The Greek, Roman, and English-inspired architecture (not to mention the French traffic circles) makes DC the closest you'll get to Europe.
4. Farmers markets on weekends. There are more 6 or 7 farmer's markets available around the city, and Eastern Market is open all year round.
5. It's intimidating to walk around the city, where 90% of the people around you are in business or business casual. Everyone here looks good.
6. DC is obsessed with Sunday Brunch, and they are damned good at it.

liz's handlebars
liz's white house
liz's route
beautiful liz and the washington monument

I'm really excited to share Liz's list this week because

1. We have been friends since middle school.
2. She is a wonderful person.
3. Washington, D.C. is beautiful through her eyes.

Over the past few weeks, DC has really been on my mind. Four of my friends (including Liz) have been there within the past few months, and I really wanted to be in DC a few weeks ago during the Rally to Restore Sanity. Liz's list just makes me wish I could plan a trip there sooner. Biking everywhere... everyone well dressed... BRUNCH?!?! Need I say more? I've also heard that they have beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring. What a gorgeous city. Thanks so much for sharing, Liz!

If you have a list of things you love about your city, feel free to send it in with some photos (including one of your feet!)

PS- How cute is it that Liz's daily route forms a boot?