christmas weekend


Highlights and low-lights of the past few days:

+ Wonderful family Christmas Eve dinner
+Squash risotto, Asian pear salad and salmon are excellent together
+ I gave my brother a frozen dinner (Better Off Dead, anyone?)
+ Christmas morning/day with David's family
+ Day-after-Christmas shopping with sisters (quick, painless, successful)
+ In n Out with my mama
+ Talking my way into a free charger at Apple after mine stopped working
+ The perfect coat (!)
+ The perfect Italian cookbook (!!)
+ The perfect tea set (!!!)
- I have to go back to school in a week

dinner- so delicious!
my butternut squash risotto
o christmas tree
my present to my brother-- better off dead, anyone?
my dress, photo by raine

I hope your Christmas/holidays have been merry and wonderful!

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