a little morbid with the pig there
my beloved finocchiona
window-side seating
so european

It wasn't on my list, but I've wanted to go to Salumi ever since I did a presentation on Mario Batali for my Italian class last year (so basically it should have been on my list but I forgot to add it). Mario doesn't own it, but his parents founded the restaurant in the early 1900's using traditional Italian methods for curing meats. Since coming back from Europe, I've returned to my pescetarian diet so I was a little unsure of what I wanted to get once we finally got to Salumi. The thing is, though-- I live under the philosophy that dietary preferences should never hinder cultural/new experiences. I ate meat while I was in Europe (because really, how could I not in Italy?) and I decided to step outside the box again while traveling to Seattle. Anyway, the second I saw finocchiona on the menu board I knew I had have it because it was my favorite while I studied in Italy. It was a little different than what I remembered, but it still made me homesick for Florence. I think that's the mark of quality Italian food.

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