thanksgiving #2

table setting
so happy for thanksgiving #2!
oyster stuffing
water and rosé
pumpkin bread pudding

Can I just take a moment to say how thankful, blessed, truly lucky I am to live where I live, and with the girls I live with? My roommates and I wanted to have a little "thanksgiving/holiday" dinner before our break last week but everything became so crazy that we postponed it to Monday night. Even then, we weren't sure if everything would work out because it's Dead Week and Sarah has a really busy schedule since she's flying off to Kenya on Saturday.

But we made it happen. Thanksgiving #2. Anna brined a little 4lb, breast only chicken; Sarah made a sweet potato casserole, Jenna made mushroom gravy and oyster stuffing (hallelujah! since I didn't get to eat stuffing-- my favorite holiday dish-- at Thanksgiving #1); and I made pumpkin bread pudding with fresh whipped cream. We even paired everything with some delicious rosé. It was perfect. A sweet little meal with some of my favorite people. Who says Thanksgiving only comes once a year?

P.S. - Can someone from Home Depot, Lowe's or OSH come to my apartment ASAP? I feel like we have the worst lighting in the nation.

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